What We Believe
Faith Fellowship is a Bible based, non-denominational fellowship. We believe that the Bible is our foundation and final authority for Christian faith and living-that God’s word is divinely inspired, flawless, inerrant, living, active, and will accomplish the purposes for which it was sent.  We are very traditional and evangelical in our belief in the Trinity, the virgin birth and deity of Christ, the personality of the Holy Spirit, the inspiration of scripture, the suffering death of Christ as the atonement for the sins of His people, His resurrection, His ascension into heaven, His return, His  judgment of all men and the existence of heaven and hell.
We are a church which believes that the gifts of the Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12 are still in operation today and encourage their use when appropriate and in due respect to authority. We stress the fruit of the Spirit for holiness of life and character for all participants.
We emphasize prayer, worship and missions alongside all our ministries to children, youth and adults. Our services are contemporary and enthusiastic, expressive of our love for Jesus Christ. Our desire is to let the Holy Spirit move in the direction that He pleases.
We have a deep passion for Christ with a commitment to make Him first in everything we do and say.