July 20 – 24
Open to boys 5-18 years old-Any boy is welcome regardless of connection to Royal Ranger

Younger boys (K – 2nd) will need to be accompanied by their dad or male guardian.

Royal Ranger Camp this year for Faith Fellowship will be focused on serving and supporting the summer kids’ event “ARMOR QUEST” .

We have plans for social distancing for eating, sleeping, travel and activities.
No electronics allowed for the boys.
On-sight camp will include things like: Archery, sling shot, pea shooters, games in the woods, fire craft, scavenger hunts, story telling and council fires. Maybe even an Iron Man competition.
Nearby Offsite activities will include things like: Fishing, swimming and sailing.
Cost is $65 per person for the whole week. If you are unable to make it the whole week then the cost per day is $20 per person.

Thanks, and see you at Armor Quest Ranger Camp. For more information please contact Steve Zimmer (360) 359-0577.
Find out more information about Royal Rangers @